2019 20/20
2019 20/20
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YES Snowboards 2019 20/20 WAS: $699.95
NOW: $594.95



2019 20/20 Powderhull Snowboard


The first true-twin, powder specific freestyle board. No one else was even trying to figure this one out, so when we dropped the PowderHull in 2015 it came as more than just a surprise. It rocked people’s perception of what a snowboard should look like. Deep pronounced concaves at either end of the base create lift on the forward facing end while at the same time causing the tail to drop in powder. In the air and on hardpack you have a balanced, symmetrical twin. On a powder landing, whether landing switch or not, it feels like a directional powder board.

  • RIDERS RDM, Austen Sweetin

  • SHAPE True Twin

  • FLEX 7/10

  • CORE Weightless

  • GLASS Triax

  • OUTLINE Radial

  • BASE MATERIAL PH Sintered True (*NEW)

  • BASE PROFILE PowderHull