Gnarly X Union UCH
Gnarly X Union UCH
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Union Gnarly X Union UCH

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2019 Gnarly X Union UCH

GNARLY is the brainchild of Keegan Valaika and epitomizes the weird and wonderful Laguna Beach, CA brand roots. With a “Come as You Are” mentality, Gnarly invites all walks of life into the brand that are proud to wave their freak flag. For this binding, we looked to the mystic vibe of the 90’s and snowboarding’s grunge hey-day years. These bindings are not for everyone, they’re for anyone who believes in the power of positive thinking. Just sit back and let it all hit you man…


  • Baseplate: Stage 4 Duraflex ST

  • Highback: Team Highbacks

  • Forward Lean Adjuster: Shift On The Fly

  • Bushing: Multi Density Thermoformed Eva

  • Heelcup: Extruded 3D Aluminum

  • Ankle Strap: Symmetric Sonic Fused

  • Toe Strap: Ultragrip Toe Straps

  • Buckles: Magnesium Ratchets

  • Disk: Universal Disk 4X4 + Channel Ready

  • Hardware: Grade 8.8 Hardware

  • Packaging: Thermoformed Box

  • Extra: Lifetime warranty Baseplates and Heelcups